About CASA of Harrison County

A group of concerned citizens formed a steering committee in 2008 to investigate the need of opening a CASA program office in Harrison County. After careful examination of information collected it was quite apparent that CASA was needed. Through a start-up grant received from National CASA, CASA of Harrison County opened on September 1, 2010.

CASA of Harrison County advocates for neglected and abused children in Harrison County who often times cannot be heard or their story told. We will be their voice in Court and make recommendations on what is in their best interest. It is always the goal of CASA of Harrison County for reunification with the parents. When this is not possible, permanent placement through a foster family or family members may be the only option.

CASA of Harrison County always will make sound recommendations on what is in the best interest of the child with objectivity and without judgment. CASA volunteers will stay with that case from Court appointment to permanent placement.

Each child put in a situation of neglect or abuse needs an advocate to be their voice. CASA of Harrison County is a child’s voice when they cannot speak for themselves.

A member of the National CASA Association



CASA of Harrison County Board 2017

Michelle Gargiulo-President
Ellie Marchand-Vice President
Thomas Byars-Secretary
Victoria Clark-Treasurer
Dianne Albrecht
Mishra Binoy
Tammy Frierson
Karen Glass
Rebecca Powers
Cindy Prtichard
Diane Rieman
Tracie Ryan
Gina Tompkins
Joy Tucei
Harry Yoste

CASA of Harrison County Volunteer Advocates   2017

Billy Alexander
Ellen Alexander
Lauren Beebe
Tywana Blackston
Patrick Bonck
Opal Bowden
Brenda Broussard
Jeenna Brunn
Patricia Caranna
Judy Carter
April Chambers
Sera Chereskin

Ester-Faye Clay-Arant
Bobby Collins Jr.
Rhonda Collins
Alicia Daugherty
Sara Dixon
Marian Duggan
Katherine Evans
Emily Gaddis
Robert Gargiulo
Sharon Gargiulo
Jenny Gates
Greta Gooden

Sandra Grace
Amy Green
Joyce Hamblin
Rebecca Hammock
Gretchen Hart
Laurie Holleman
Carla Johnson
Mary Kerg
Gary Kerg
Meagan Kuehling
Dorothy Langford
Archae Laubmeier

Wanda Lawerence
Gaye Leggett
Karen Lewis
Cassie Loper
Becky Luke
Jessica Matthew
Desire Maybee
Paul McGachey
Anna Mellen
Joseph Miller
Shelby Moore
Georgi Noel

Virginia Norton
Clyde Overfield
Cecila Pakron
Janice Richardson
Bethania Riveria
Sharon Saucier
Shawnda Saucier
Lori Segura
Marianne Shaffer
Cindy Shaw
Donna Snow
Merrill Stevens
Korrie Taylor

Wanda Temple
Michal Thornton
Daren Tichenor
Jeanne Tichenor
Shelly Torick
Michelle Turner
Gerrie Weldon
Ruthie Wilder
Elizabeth Williams
Rachelle Winningham