My CASA is Your CASA: Volunteer Open House

Join us for My CASA is Your CASA: Volunteer Open House on May 8th from 5-7 at 47 Maples Drive (behind Pass Elementary School), Gulfport.

You will be paired with an experienced CASA Advocate who will explain the role and responsibilities of being a CASA. If you decide to join our CASA Team, we will have applications available.

Please join us in taking a stand to keep kids safe, healthy, and happy.


CASA Appreciates You Picnic – June 16th 

We would like to invite Youth Court Staff, the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, and current CASA Advocates and their friends and family to join us for a Crawfish Boil at Long Beach Pavilion! We ask that you bring at least one dish of your own to add to the selection of food! We would like to show our appreciation for everyone that we work with to help ensure the safety and well-being of the children we all work with!

There will be games for adults and children alike!


Become a CASA Advocate – Make a difference in a child’s life

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that you can truly make a difference in the life of a child, become a CASA Advocate.

To learn more about this wonderful volunteer opportunity we invite you to

Click here for details